Table 3: Expression of Oxidative Stress Genes in the Kidney of Mice Determined by Semi-Quantitative RT-PCR

Experimental animals groups SOD CAT GPx
Group I 2.6± 0.42a 1.93± 0.09a 1.85± 0.1a
Group II 2.3± 0.36a 2.1± 0.13a 1.9± 0.2a
Group III 1.57± 0.25b 1.02± 0.08b 2.5± 0.31b
Group IV 1.94± 0.37ab 1.75± 0.12a 2.1± 0.26b

Values are expressed as means ± SEM Means with different superscript letters are significantly different (P<0.05).