Table 1: Statistical table of types of water-producing wells in the Shan 23 member of study area.

Types of formation water Well area
Edge (bottom) water Y47, Y72, Y42, Z21-18, Y46, Y44, Z31-17, Z22-18, Z32-15, Z32-17, Y29, Z23-18, Z34-16, Y43, Y41, Y56, Z38-25, Z39-25, Y64, Z30-46, Z42-25, Z42-27, Z42-24, Y75, Z43-24, Y40, Z50-24, Y60, Z50-26, Z49-26, Y67, Z30-44, Z28-43, Z29-43
Lenticular water M40-10, Y76, Z22-32, Y39, Z37-26, Z34-29, Z35-28, Z28-45, Y83, Y80, Y54, S2, Z28-46
Formation water residue in gas reservoir Z16-19, Y86, Z43-25, Z20-24, Y82, Z21-26, Z20-26