Table 1: Inhibition of paraquat on bacterial strains.

Diameter (cm) of the inhibition zone according to the concentration ANOVA test
Control 0.5g/L 1g/L 3g/L 6g/L 12g/L
Pantoea agglomerans 0a 0a 0.85±0.10b 0.90±0.00b 1.50±0.20c 2.68±0.15d df: 23
F: 1586.25
P: 0.000
0a 1.05b 1.50±0.10b,c 1.53±0.20b,c 1.88±0.09c,d 2.30±0.10d df: 23
F: 95.83
P: 0.000
Rhizobium radiobacter 0a 1.03±0.09b 1.55±0.10c 1.53±0.30c 1.78±0.15c,d 2.05±0.10d df: 23
F: 3.23
P: 0.031
Rhizobium tibeticum 0a 0a 0.90±0.00b 1.25±0.10b,c 1.45±0.50c,d 1.85±0.10d df: 23
F: 1316
P: 0.000

Different letters among treatments and control group indicate statistically significant differences (Tukey’s test, P < 0.05).