Table 1: Participants can navigate between the home and school environments and play a multitude of mini games designed to decrease students’ smoking cravings.

User’s stamina has gone down after doing several activities during the day. The lung is darkened indicating the user has been smoking, and hence the low craving level, which is shown on the lower right hand corner of the screen. The real-time report that is shown on the right-hand side of the web browser illustrates the actions taken by the user, and the current health status.
On school days, user goes to school by driving his/her car that is parked in the garage. Detailed 3D scene gives user a higher sense of immersion. Here, the user can choose to drive to school or go back to the house.
Animated sequence showing the user driving to school in a top-down view map of the house and the school. Once at school, the user will need to attend classes and face peer-pressure and smoking temptation in different situations.
Classmates will try to persuade the user to smoke and will react differently depending on the user’s action. When the user refuses to take the smoke offer, he/she will need to win in a randomly selected mini game to successfully fight the temptation and craving. This game shown above requires the user to put out the lit cigarettes placed at the center of several moving targets, using a water gun and a given amount of water.
Another cigarette fighting themed mini game requires the user to step on and destroy ‘evil’ cigarettes using the number pad on the keyboard. Each number corresponds to a position on screen and the user needs to achieve the target score of 300 before the time runs out. One of the several other mini games that can be found in the house is the drumming memory game. User needs to follow the exact order of the drums played. An extra drumbeat will be added every time until the user loses.
User’s lung gets darker every time he/she takes a smoke. To restore the lung back to a healthy condition, he/she will need to do exercise, just like in real-life. This game can be played at the user’s room by selecting the treadmill under the bed. Rather than sleeping, users can restore stamina by making and eating food. He/she can make his/her own sandwich in the kitchen.