Table 1: Summary of issues presented to consumers of snack bars.

Identification (‘Sociodemographic’ section)
Gender | Age | Education | Income | Occupation
Closed-ended questions
(‘Individual aspects of the consumers’ section)
Frequency of consumption
Most consumed snack bars 1
Places for purchase 1
(‘Consumer behavior in choice of snack bars’ section)
Most observed attributes in purchase 2
Habits associated with consumption 1
Preferences for the consumption of snack bars 3
Open-ended questions
(‘Motivations for consumption’ section)
Reasons why you consume as cited snack bars
Reasons that would increase the consumption of snack bars
Importance of claims in snack bars 4

Note.1Questions with the possibility to mark more than one answer.2Questions with given answers according to order of importance. 3Issues evaluated in Likert-type scale (3 point: 1- ‘Strongly agree’; 2- ‘I don’t agree or disagree’; 3- ‘Strongly disagree’). 4Issues evaluated in unstructured scale of nine centimeters (0 cm – Little importance; 9 cm – Too much importance).