Fig. (1) Context-dependent conformations of decapentapeptides containing DLLIR. Decapentapeptide sequences with the common 5-mer DLLIR in capital letters: A) HPV16: nkplcDLLIRcincq; B) HCMV: mDLLIRlgfll; C) C. diphtheriae: rrglgDLLIRmglhh; D) C. tetani: ismdkDLLIRedetl; E) B. pertussis: gdrhtDLLIRfaeac; F) B. pertussis: valglDLLIRrdsgg; G) T. gondii: aerlyDLLIReifvr; H) T. gondii: dasslDLLIRenlkr; I) T. gondii: dearnDLLIRstdqg; J) T. cruzi: isafyDLLIRqltvs; K) H. sapiens: fpllrDLLIRshlqd; L) H. sapiens: faylrDLLIRthmqn; m) H. sapiens: qegfwDLLIRlrgqg. Asterisk indicates the position of the first Leu in the shared pentapeptide DLLIR. The HCMV mDLLIRlgfll lacks a 5-aa sequence at the NH2 terminus (see Table 4). For simplicity, only 3 out of the 11 T. gondii decapeptapeptides containing DLLIR (see Table 4) are reported. Epitope structures similar to that of the HPV decapentapeptide are given in blue, with the oval encircling the DLLIR sequence. PEP-FOLD3 [45-47] was used to obtain the 3D peptide structures.