Table 2: MTT-based cytotoxicity activity of selected compounds at 100 µg/mL against human lung cancer cell line A549.

Compounds R IC50 (µg/mL)
4b 4-Cl 75.64
4h 3-OCH3 76.54
4i 2,4-diOCH3 73.32
4j 3,4-diOCH3 70.36
4l 4-CH(CH3)2 71.07
4m 3-Br 76.03
4n 3-phenoxy 72.87
paclitaxel -- 47.63

IC50 - is half maximal inhibitory concentration- it is the half maximal (50%) inhibitory concentration (IC) of a substance (50% IC, or IC50)

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