Table 2: State of biomedical park.

Criteria Description
Inventory number Unique identification number assigned by the hospital to a medical device
CNEH code Code of the national centre of hospital expertise
CMP Public market code
Designation Description of medical device, particularly its function
Brand Distinctive sign assigned by the manufacturer of medical device
Model Unique reference assigned by the manufacturer of medical device, it is an aesthetic creation
Type Characteristics assigned to model category of medical device
Serial number Unique identification number assigned by the manufacturer to a medical device in a series
Supplier Provider which ensures maintenance and warranty of medical device
Warranty Free insurance contract in a given period to validate the success of medical device commissioning
After sale service Service of a company, ensuring the commissioning and maintenance of medical device acquired
Corps profession Corporation of persons practicing the same profession and subject to the same regulations
Geographical location Coordinates of the localion of the medical device for maintenance and replacement
Service Group of hospital units
Pole Group of hospital services
Cost center Entity of the hospital
CE marking class Risk assessment certification and prioritization criteria for maintenance of medical devices
Lifetime Duration of activity in which the medical device is functional
Date of commissioning Helps to determine depreciation and seniority
Cost of purchase Used to determine the value of biomedical park
Status Used to determine if the medical device is in property, on loan, in evaluation, in hiring...
Criticity Used to classify medical devices by estimating their risk
Antiquated It is 0 if the medical device is new, it is 1 if the medical device has reached its lifetime, it is greater than 1 if the medical device has exceeded its lifetime
Amortization period Normal duration of use of the medical device

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