Table 7: Dashboard of biomedical park.

Assessment Indicators
Medical device Value of the biomedical park. ROC: evaluates the ability of hospital to use its funds for the investment to be profitable. Number of medical device. Medical device under warranty. Reliability: expresses medical device’s ability to perform its function for a time period. Availability: means the ability of medical device to be operational at a data time
Risk FMECA: determines the causes and effects of malfunctions, hierarchical criticalities and treats failure. PRA: identifies the causes and effects of risks, prioritizes criticalities and treats risks. Security: indicates the ability of a medical device not to develop critical incidents
Maintenance Number of technical interventions and number of requests for intervention. Maintainability: reflecting the ability of medical device to be maintained in a data time. TPM: ensures the maintenance while maximizing production and involving all actors in the system. FRC: frequency of medical device failures in a data time. KPI: assessment of maintenance activity by measuring yield failures, downtime, time availability and maintainability. Productivity of programmed maintenance. Maintenance cost ratio
Reactivity Realization rate of scheduled maintenance. Status of maintenance requests (fact, not fact, fact partially, fact in shared maintenance). MTTF: mean operating time of medical device until it fails. MTBF: mean time between two consecutive failures of medical device. MTTR: mean time to repair and commissioning of medical device

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