Fig. (3) PGN632 binding to Pichinde virus. (a) ELISA: Pichinde virus was coated onto 96-well plates. Antibody (1μg/ml) was added in the presence of β2GP1 (1µg/ml) to enable binding of bavituximab. Columns, mean absorbance (n=3); error bars, S.E.M. (b) Depletion of infectious Pichinde virus by PGN632-coated magnetic beads. Beads coated with bavituximab or guinea pig antibodies to Pichinde virus (anti-PV) were used as positive controls. β2GP1 (1µg/ml) was added to enable binding of bavituximab. Beads coated with erbituximab or normal guinea pig IgG were used as negative controls. Columns, mean virus titer (n=3); bars, S.D.