Table 2: Multiple antibiotic resistant pattern of Enterobacteriaceae isolated from meat source at Kotokuraba market in Cape Coast Metropolis.

Isolates Sources Drug Resistant pattern % isolates
Escherichia coli GT1 CRXr-CHLr-AMPr 4.8
Enterobacter spp GT2 CRXi-AMPr-COTr 3.9
Escherichia coli GT3 CRXr-CHLr-AMPr-COTr-GEMr 8.6
Proteus spp. GT4 CRXi-CHLi-AMPr-TETr-AMKi 2.7
Proteus spp. BF1 CRXi-AMPr-TETi 6.2
Proteus spp. BF2 CRXr-CHLi-AMPr 12.4
Escherichia coli BF3 CRXi-CHLi-AMPr-TETr-COTr 15.5
Pseudomonas spp BF4 CRXi-AMPr-TETr-CTXi-GENr 3.5
Escherichia coli BF5 CRXr-CHLi-AMPr-TETr-COTr 6.4

GENr/i= Gentamicin resistant/intermediate COTr/i=cotrimoxazole resistant/intermediate AMKr/i= Amikacin resistant/intermediate CTXr/i= Cefotaxime resistant/intermediate TETr/i=Tetracyclin resistant/intermediate AMPr/i=Ampicilin resistant/intermediate CHLr/i=Chloramphenicol resistant/intermediate CRXr/i= Cefuroxime resistant/intermediate GT= chevon (Goat carcass) BF=Beef (Cattle carcass)

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