Table 2: Particulars of the fungicides used to in the present study.

SI.No. Fungicides Active Ingredient(s) Manufacturer
1. Bavistin 50 WP 50% Carbendazim (methyl benzibidazal 1-2 yl carbamate) BASF, Germany
2. Mancozeb 80 WP Zinc ion co-ordination product with managanese ethylene-1, 2-bisdithio carbamate polymer Sundat
S., Singaur
3. Indofil M-45 80% Mancozeb (Zinc-ion co-ordination product with manganese ethylene bisdithio carbamate polymer) Mumbai, India
4. Salcox 50 WP Copper oxycholoride Chemiski production gesellschaft, German
5. Tall 25 EC Propiconazole Sarda worldwide exports private limited, India