Fig. (2) Flow cytometric analysis of costimulatory molecules expression on DC.Dendritic cells (DC) were obtained by in vitro differentiation of monocytes. For cellular stimulations, DC were cultured for 24, 48 and 72hrs with medium alone or in the presence of different stimuli.Panel A. Shows the immunophenotype of DC cultured in complete medium (iDC), first row. The other rows represent the membrane expression of B7-family members on mature DC (mDC) after 72 hrs of treatment with flagellin, poly (I:C) and R848 respectively. Expression of MHC-Class II was a positive control for iDC activation.Panel B. Only the kinetic of CD86 expression is shown, whereas the expression of the other costimulatory molecules is displayed at the best time point (72 hrs). Data are expressed as increasing of Mean fluorescence intensity. Data are shown as means ± standard deviations (error bars) of five experiments.Experimental conditions are: ♦ no stimulus; ▼ flagellin; ▲ + LPS; * poly (I:C); ● R848.