Fig. (1) Expression of Arabidopsis PLA2 in WT yeast as determined by RT-PCR. Lane 1. Template: WTEV cDNA, Actin primers; Lane 2. Template: WTPLA2 cDNA, Actin primers; Lane 3. Template: WTEV cDNA, PLA2 primers; Lane 4. Template: WTPLA2 cDNA, PLA2 primers; Lane 5. Template: DNA-free RNA from WTEV, PLA2 primers; Lane 6. Template: DNA-free RNA from WTPLA2, PLA2 primers. Lanes 1 & 2 show that the cDNA from both empty vector- and PLA2- transformed yeast were of good quality, as the yeast actin was constitutively expressed in both samples. Lane 3: The same empty vector-transformed WT yeast as in Lane 1, failed to produce the PLA2 transcript; Lane 4: In contrast, PLA2-transformed WT yeast produced the expected 450 bp PLA2 transcript. For Lanes 5 & 6, using DNA-free RNA as the template there is no signal with the PLA2 primers, confirming that there is no possibility that genomic DNA contamination in the cDNA templates could have resulted in the PLA2 band as observed in Lane 4.