Fig. (7) (A) The secondary structures of the 5’ UTR region of the mRNA from (a) clpQ+ with ΔG = -24.6 Kcal/mole (b) ΔIR-clpQ+ with ΔG= -3.3 Kcal/mole and (c) ΔL-clpQ+ with ΔG = -1.3 Kcal/mole. (B) The βGal of cpsB::lacZ in the presence of pBAD33, pBAD33-clpQ+, pBAD33-ΔIR-clpQ+, or pBAD33-ΔL-clpQ+, while ClpY was induced. (C) The western blot of ClpQ, expressed, in series, from the above plasmids. The loading was normalized by the readings of OD600. (D) The mRNA of clpQ+, which individually expressed from the above plasmids. The growth condition was as indicated earlier for the addition of antibiotics and 0.5 % arabinose, and the loadings were normalized by 16S rRNA (data not shown). (E) The decay of mRNAs of clpQ+ and ΔIR-clpQ+; the remaining amount of mRNA at different time points, after an addition of rifampin (at a final concentration, 200 µg/ml).