Fig. (8) (A) The secondary structures of 5’-UTR in (a) (S-IR)-clpQ+ with ΔG = -10.1 kcal/mol and (b) (R-IR)-clpQ+ with ΔG = -24.6 kcal/mol. (B) The βGal activities of cpsB::lacZ, in the presence of ClpY, the ClpQ was induced from pBAD33-(S-IR)-clpQ+ or pBAD33-(R-IR)-clpQ+, as compared to the control pBAD33-clpQ+and pBAD33-ΔIR-clpQ+. (C) The mRNAs of clpQ+ from the pBAD33-(S-IR)-clpQ+ and pBAD33-(R-IR)-clpQ+ as compared to those from the pBAD33-clpQ+ and pBAD33-ΔIR-clpQ+.