Table 2.: Reference 5’ end 606-bp 16S rDNA Sequences of 45 Nocardia Species1 used in the Present Study

Strain no.1,2 Species Identification GenBank Accession no.3
DSM 44432T N. abscessus AY544980
DSM 44491T N. africana AY756540
IFM 0137 N. aobensis AB126875 (bp positions 40-645)
DSM 44729T N. araoensis AY903623
DSM 44731T N. arthritidis AY903619
DSM 44668T N. asiatica AY903617
ATCC 19247T N. asteroids AY756541
ATCC 49872 N. asteroides type IV AY756542
JCM 10666T N. beijingensis DQ6599014 (bp positions 14-619)
JCM 10666T N. beijingensis AY756543
ATCC 19296T N. brasiliensis AY756544
DSM 43024T N. brevicatena AY756545
DSM 43397T N. carnea AY756546
DSM 44546T N. cerradoensis AY756547
ATCC 700418T N. crassostreae AY756548
DSM 44490T N. cummidelens AY756549
DSM 44484T N. cyriacigeorgica AY7565505
ATCC 14759 N. asteroides type VI DQ2238625
DSM 44890T N. elegans DQ659905 (bp positions 1-603)6
DSM 43665T N. farcinica AY756551
JCM 3332T N. flavorosea AY756552
DSM 44489T N. fluminea AY756553
DSM 44732T N. higoensis AY903620
DSM 44496T N. ignorata AY756554
DSM 44667T N. inohanensis AY903611
CIP 108295T N. mexicana AY903610
DSM 44717T N. neocaledoniensis AY903614
DSM 44670T N. niigatensis AY903615
CIP 104777T N. nova AY756555
ATCC 14629T N. otitidiscaviarum AY756556
DSM 44386T N. paucivorans AY756557
DSM 44730T N. pneumonia AY903622
DSM 44290T N. pseudobrasiliensis AY756558
DSM 43406T N. pseudovaccinii AY756559
DSM 44599T N. puris AY903618
JCM 4826T N. salmonicida AY756560
DSM 44129T N. seriolae AY756561
DSM 44733T N. shimofusensis AY903621
DSM 44488T N. soli AY756562
DSM 44704T N. tenerifensis AY903613
DSM 44765T N. testacea AY903612
DSM 43405T N. transvalensis AY756563
JCM 3224T N. uniformis AY756564
ATCC 11092T N. vaccinii AY756565
DSM 44445T N. veteran AY756566
JCM 10988T N. vinacea AY756567
DSM 44669T N. yamanashiensis AY903616

1 All species designations were cross-checked against two websites - and Abbreviations: ATCC, American Type Culture Collection; CIP, Collection Institut Pasteur, France; DSM, Deutsche Sammling von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen GmbH, Germany; JCM, Japan Collection of Microorganisms, Wako-Shi, Japan. Adapted from [7, 17, 18].
2 T refers to the previously-designated current type strains for the particular species.
3 Unless otherwise specified refers to first 1-606 bp of the 16S rDNA sequence from the 5’end.
4 Different sequence results obtained for N. beijingensis JCM 10666T in two separate studies. The sequence with GenBank accession no. DQ659901 is chosen as the reference sequence.
5 The sequence of N. cyriacigeorgica strain DSM 44490T (GenBank accession no. AY756550) is identical to the sequence of N. asteroides ATCC 14759 (accession no. DQ223862).
6 The sequence is based on a 603-bp 16S rDNA fragment.