Table 2: Themes and sub-themes related to key health information technologies and issues.

Themes           Sub-themes
Immediate, cheap, stable, and secure access to the health records of the entire society National Health Information Network
Electronic Health Records
National cloud-based service center
Personal Health Records
Interoperability standards for electronic data exchange
Infrastructure for information sharing
Equitable access to health services and resources Telemonitoring technologies
Large-scale remote health services
mhealth and its related technologies
Knowledge management in healthcare services to improve quality of care and patient safety Clinical decision support systems
Social networks in healthcare environment
Governmental/central electronic services for the health system Electronic health insurance system
Business intelligence
Integrated electronic monitoring system
Upgrading HIT infrastructure at the national level Infrastructure for NHIN
Infrastructure for mhealth
Areas that technologies may influence Economical level
Organizational level
Individual level
Obstacles to achieve technologies Economic obstacles
Organizational obstacles