Table 1: Drugs with Symptomatic and Neuroprotective Action

Dimebolin ACEI + inhibitor of calcium L-channels and NMDA receptors
Huperzine A ACEI + antioxidant and stimulant of muscarinic and nerve growth factor receptors
Phenserine ACEI + sAPP-β and βA reducer
Memoquin ACEI + I‑BACE, antioxidant and τ-hyperphosphorylation reducer
Bis-tacrine tacrine dimmer. ACEI + I-BACE-1 and anti-NMDA
Lipocrine tacrine (ACEI) and lipoic acid (antioxidant) hybrid
Tacrine-melatonin hybrids ACEI + antioxidants
Ladostigil rivastigmine (ACEI) and rasagiline (antioxidant) hybrid
Memantine anti-NMDA + PP-2A stimulant (it decreases neurofibrillary degeneration), oxidative stress and activated microglia reducer

sAPP-β: β variant of the soluble APP.