Table 2: Example of the analytical process for the two domains with meaning units, condensed meanings units, codes and themes.

Domains Meaning units Condensed meaning units Codes Themes
Before relocation So I think it has been a
huge responsibility lying
on me, and just because
she refused help from
someone outside the
family and it was so tough,
it was tough like
And I was forced to
take care of everything,
such as cleaning, shopping
and washing clothes
because there was nobody
else who could do it.
It has been a responsibility
especially after she has
refused help from others.
I was the one with
the whole responsibility
because she couldn’t handle
cleaning, shopping and
washing clothes.
Whole responsibility Being powerless
After relocation But it is tragic, so extremely
tragic that it has to be like this.
It is better that you die in the step
(suddenly/abruptly) than having to
the body ending before the head
It is tragic that it has to be
like this. It is better to die
abruptly. The body should go
before the head somehow.
Die gradually Having a new
relationship with