Table 2: Definitions of four concepts common to integrated care models.

Concepts Definitions
Medical Home Primary care delivery method that may be more affordable, improve quality and exemplifies the philosophy of integrated care and coordination by primary caregivers or teams.
Health Care Team A team that replaces doctor -patient relationships and there are shared responsibilities for patient care among team members.
Stepped Care Effective care offered by health care providers that is least intensive and expensive. Except in acutely ill patients, health care providers should offer care with effective service that is least intensive and expensive. If patients’ functioning does not improve through usual course of care, the intensity of services are customized according to patients’ responses and may be stepped down if appropriate.
Four Quadrant Clinical Integration Model that identifies populations to be served in primary care versus specialty behavioral health
Primary Care Settings:
  • Quadrant I: Low behavioral and physical health needs.
  • Quadrant III: Low behavioral health/High physical health needs.
Primary Care and Specialty Mental Health Settings:
  • Quadrant II: High behavioral health/Low physical health needs.
  • Quadrant IV: High behavioral and physical health needs.

Adapted from Collins et al. [13].