Table 2: An example of the structural analysis.

Meaning-bearing Units
(What is said in the text?)
Significance-bearing Units
(What does the text talk about?)
“It’s tremendously important to see to this at once: That the parents feel secure, that they can trust us and assure them that their child will get the very best treatment”.
“I think a lot about how we meet them. You know, the very first meeting when they come in, it means so much for the contact”.
“Yes, we think a lot about how we meet them, and that they should feel safe with us. Feeling safe about themselves and their child. It’s tremendously important to establish that right from the start. That we, through what we say and how we behave verbally, make them feel safe and well looked after”.
“Body language says a lot. How we walk around and not least what we say to each other. How we behave. They (the parents) see straightaway who’s comfortable in their job”.
“I think that body posture and the way you are and the way you meet them. Showing respect is important as well”.
“They are in a crisis situation when they arrive”.
“And they need information in a crisis situation like that. What is going to happen now?”
“We try to take care of them as soon as they come in the door”.
“If they are very anxious about what has happened, we try to calm them down. In the beginning, it is a good idea to give them something to drink or something like that”.
“That someone can look after the parents, while others take care of the child”.
“But it can be very different how they (the parents) react. Some get more confused and can’t manage to organise themselves and need help. “Okay, you can sit here”.
“You can do this and this”.
““Now you can do this, and then we will come and inform you afterwards.” Yes. A lot of concrete information about what they can do”.
“It’s very important to care for the parents also in the beginning, because they are very, very distressed, in a way. To show them that we care for them”. …
From the moment the parents enter the door of the burn centre, staff members try to create a good connection and form a good relationship with them. They highlight that the very first meeting is particularly important for establishing contact with the parents and making them feel secure. Staff members immediately introduce themselves and their role while they think about what they communicate verbally and through their body language. Staff members analyse the situation: how the parents are doing and feeling. To reduce chaos and crisis, and to make them less confused and disorganised, the parents are given specific information.
Creating a safe, secure and trusting environment from the moment parents enter the burn centre