Table 3: Themes, sub-themes, and participants’ statements about autonomy barriers in collaboration implementation for the care of patient with ACS in emergency departments

Theme Sub-theme Participant’ statement/keyword
Limitation for performing professional nursing practice Limited authority to address triage decision making “There is an emergency physician. So sorry, it seems that our presence are ignored. We have to waiting for the physician order...” (P2)
“So, who is the responsible person for determining ACS patients in the first priority, or the second priority?
It is a right of the physician, nurses have limited authority. If the doctor is wrong, however, the nurse has to straighten it up.” (P7)
Limited chance of nursing documentation “The medical record will be carried by the cardiologist lead to difficulties to completed the nursing documentation as the forms have to filled are incorporated in the medical record.” (P12)
“Then another constraint is the patient' medical record is often be carried by the physician .” (P15)