Table 3: Results of the group interviews about the mobile protocol application.

Category Subcategory Segment
Possibility of the use of the mobile application 'Possibility of the use of the mobile application' *The photo function is useful because floating and colors can be observed.
- - *(Photo function) It is good in terms of immediate data checking.
- - *It is a good tool for identifying causes of repeated blockage.
- - *Data accumulation is useful for review.
- - *No problems arise because the tablet is used at the station.
Burden associated with the use of the 'Burden associated with operation' *It takes time to enter patient information
mobile application - *Many items need to be entered.
- - *We need to enter the data twice.
- - *Difficult to operate
- - *(In the case of blockage) It is quicker to call a doctor.
- - *No time to enter the data into the tablet
- - *Not familiar with the current size (of the tablet)
- - *Hard to use when taking photos
- 'Burden associated with carrying for the visit' *It is not practical to remove the catheter while operating the tablet.
- - *It is difficult to enter the data (in the actual setting) while taking care of a patient.
- - *If I use the tablet in front of the patient, the patient may have a sense of distrust.
- - *The ordinary smartphone is easier to hold.
Opinions and wishes for improvements in the 'Opinions and wishes for improvements in the contents' *It would be better if numerical values, rather than ambiguous description, can be entered.
mobile application - *It would be better if there is a function that allows urine volume and property to be entered in a simple manner.
- - *It is unclear when the urine volume was checked.
- - *It is unclear when urine is discarded. (difficult to decide the volume)
- - *It would be better to include the technique and procedure for management of catheter blockage (Reference page).
- - *Is a reference page necessary?
- - *There are errors of Chinese characters (sand like) or spelling
- 'Wishes for improvements in functions' *It would be useful if it links to medical records.
- - *It would be useful if input data in the tablet can be used for records.
- - *It would be good if we can learn from the accumulated data.
- - *It would be useful if analysis is possible based on the differences in the amount of water and food intake.
- - *We do not need to have one tablet only for the protocol of management of catheter blockage.
Possibility of further use for nurses 'Use in the nursing education' *It may be good to use it in university classes.
- - *Effective for less experienced nurses
- - *It was useful as an educational tool for new nurses.
- - *If the necessity of care is indicated depending on the cause (of blockage), it can be used as guidance.
- 'Use in cooperation tools with other professions' *Able to report values to doctors
- - *As the recognition of hematuria may differ between a home caregiver and a nurse, a photo function would be useful.
- - *It would be good if it is used in a group home, etc. and their data can be transferred.
Suggestions for the use by caregivers and nursing care professions 'Possibility of the use by caregivers and nursing care professions' *It is easy to check if there is a function (for family members) to enter urine volume every day.
- - *It may be useful if family members use it.
- - *It may be good for unqualified persons to use it.
- - *It is good for a person who is not a family member or healthcare professional to use it.
- - *From a long-term perspective, it should be used by people in multiple job categories such as a home caregiver and therapist.
- 'Possibility of having difficulty in use by caregivers and nursing care professions' *Aged family members cannot use it.
- - *If it cannot be used by the elderly living alone, I think the use ends at that point.
- - *If it is used by a family member or home caregiver, paper media may be better because it can be corrected immediately.
- - *Terms are difficult for family members.
- - *The voice guide should be available (for family members).