Table 2: Description of the First Part of the Analysis Process Including Examples of Meaning Units, Condensations and Subthemes Aimed at Disclosing Narrative Structures

Meaning Unit Condensation
“... and that was because the night became a very hard time in some way... partly because it was dark and then I guess they didn’t want there to be too much activity.... Experiencing the night as dark and quiet
“... In that it was dark... you couldn’t see very well... I could in some way... several nights, I wasn’t where I was in the day but somewhere else...” Lacking orientation
“And in addition, in the days there were people around you, you heard other patients and you could see the staff...” Comparing day and night
“... and I remembered very clearly when the surgeons came into the room, because they had forgotten to draw my curtain completely, so I saw they were dressed in green clothes and all that stuff. I didn’t want to see that.” Being forced to watch and hear the surgeons preparations
“I thought it was hard... I thought, what are they going to do now and why are they here? And no, I almost got, you know... I thought will they operate in here, in the patient room?” Wondering about what was going to happen
“And I thought, I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be here... I don’t want to see that...” Wanting to leave