Table 3: Structural Analysis I and II: Experiences of Being Critically Ill and Surrounded by Sounds and Noise. Thematic Analysis of 11 Interviews

Structural Analysis I
Subthemes Themes
Feeling safe and secure when relating to earlier experiences
Feeling secure when hearing the staff work and talk
Feeling secure when hearing the equipment working well
Feeling safe when hearing visitors to the neighboringpatient
I feel safe and secure when being in a caring and familiar atmosphere Composite story 1
Being at the proper pitch
Coping with noise and sound with calmness
Trying to keep calm
I am mobilizing mystrength and inner security
Feeling guilty when unable to be active
Being trapped, surrounded by uncomfortable noise
I feel uncomfortable by being trapped in an uncontrollable situation Composite story 2
Being surrounded by piercing sounds
Feeling helpless hearing frightening noises from roommate
Being disappointed being left without help
Hearing fragmentary conversations
I am an invisible auditor in an imposed drama
Feeling awkward and uncomfortable when hearing the staff talk
Feeling afraid and abandoned in the quiet of the night
I am left alone in a strange and demanding world
Structural Analysis II
Subthemes Theme
Facing diffuse sonic experiences
Facing a confusing “movie”
Facing demands related to sounds in dreams
I am struggling with unreal experiences interwoven with sounds