Table 3: Overview of Categories, Subcategories and Codes of RNs’ Experiences as Consultant Advisers in Pain Assessment

Categories Subcategories Codes
Estrangement from practical
nursing care
Feeling of remoteness from the patient
Feeling of inconvenience in the consultative role
Feeling of being a controller
Rely on others
Not working next to the patient
Caught situation
Being out of control
Check-up function
Time consuming and unsafe pain
Pain documentation procedures
Being a second-hand receiver of pain information
Pen/paper documentation
Computer-based documentation
Documentation in two systems
Receiving pain reports from others
Diverse professional language used
Unfulfilled needs of reflection
Collegial supervising
Need for self-reflection
Need for group-reflection
Collaboration and coordination Changed profession areas
New organisation
Nurses’ own responsibility to collaborate
Diverse working- and responsibility areas for registered nurses and certified nursing assistants
Changed organizational structures for nursing