Table 2: Summary table of all website sessions conducted by students during the WhyDairy? intervention period.

Total Sessions Total Users Total Pageviews Avg Pages per Session Avg Session Duration
Avg Bounce Rate Avg % New Sessions
Total (all intervention schools) 79 43 492 6.32 0:06:56 19.17% 51.93%

Sessions = a group of website interactions that takes place within a 30min time frame by a single user
Users = individual viewing website
Pageviews = each view of any page on the website
Pages per session = number of pages viewed during a single session
Average session duration = length of time user interacted with website
Bounce rate = percentage of single-page sessions (ie. Sessions in which the person left site from the entrance page without interacting with the page or website)
% New Sessions = percentage of first-time viewers