Map. (5) distribution areas of the species within the western part of the Amazon basin showing specimen locations (full dots) and sightings (stars), which could be unequivocally identified: Pyrrhura lucianii (Rio Purus, Rio Madeira, Rio Amazonas), P. roseifrons (roseifrons I: Río Ucayali; roseifrons II: Rio Juruá; roseifrons III: Río Madre de Dios), P. peruviana (Río Marañón, Río Santiago), P. parvifrons (Río Shanusi, Río Caynarachi, Río Cushabatay), P. dilutissima (Río Ené, Río Perené), and part of P. pallescens; the different head colouring in P. parvifrons and P. roseifrons demonstrates the morphological variation within the species; the roseifrons I bird without red on the head is an immature.

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