Fig. (3) Map which shows the geographic location of species which share MHC-I proteins. Proteins of different species are named as follows: Carduelis spinus (Casp-F*); Carduelis pinus (Capi-F*); Carduelis notata (Cano-F*); Carduelis spinescens (Caspe-F*); Carduelis olivacea (Caol-F*); Carduelis atrata (Caat-F*); Carduelis magellanica (Cama-F*); Carduelis yarrellii (Caya-F*); Carduelis xanthogastra (Caxa-F*) and Carduelis cucullata (Cacu-F*). Color of the circles indicates the three different proteins found and number inside each circle indicates species that share each protein (Fig. 4).