Table 1: Origin and Cytochrome b GenBank accession numbers of the species analyzed in this study.

Name Common Name GenBank Origin
Carduelis ambigua Black-headed greenfinch U78322 Szechwan, China
Carduelis atrata* Black siskin L76385 Sucre, Bolivia
Carduelis atriceps Black-capped siskin AF342863 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Carduelis barbata Black-chinned siskin L77868 Magallanes, Chile
Carduelis cannabina Eurasian linnet L76298 Madrid, Spain
Carduelis carduelis caniceps Grey-crowned goldfinch L76388 Katmandu, Nepal
Carduelis carduelis parva Eurasian goldfinch L76387 Madrid, Spain
Carduelis chloris European greenfinch L76297 Madrid, Spain
Carduelis citrinella citrinella Citril finch L77872 Madrid, Spain
Carduelis citrinella corsicanus Citril finch AY583725 Sardinia, Italy
Carduelis crassirostris Thick-billed siskin L77869 Mendoza, Argentina
Carduelis cucullata* Red siskin L76299 Venezuela
Carduelis dominicensis Antillean siskin AF342864 Constanza, Dominican Rep
Carduelis flammea Common redpoll L76386 Brussels, Belgium
Carduelis flavirostris Twite U83199 Antwerp, Belgium
Carduelis hornemanni Hoary redpoll U83201 Antwerp, Belgium
Carduelis lawrencei Lawrence's goldfinch L76392 San Diego (CA), USA
Carduelis magellanica* Hooded siskin U79016 Misiones, Argentina
Carduelis notata* Black-headed siskin U79019 Chiapas, Mexico
Carduelis olivacea* Olivaceous siskin L77871 Lima, Peru
Carduelis pinus perplexus Pine siskin perplexus DQ246804 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Carduelis pinus pinus* Pine siskin U79020 Jackson (WY), USA
Carduelis psaltria colombianus Dark-backed goldfinch U78324 Maracay, Venezuela
Carduelis psaltria hesperophila Green-backed goldfinch L76390 Sacramento (CA), USA
Carduelis sinica Grey-capped greenfinch L76592 Szechwan, China
Carduelis spinescens* Andean siskin U79017 Merida, Venezuela
Carduelis spinoides Black-headed greenfinch U79018 Katmandu, Nepal
Carduelis spinus* Eurasian siskin L76391 Madrid, Spain
Carduelis tristis American goldfinch U79022 San Francisco (CA), USA
Carduelis xanthogastra* Yellow-bellied siskin L76389 San Jose, Costa Rica
Carduelis yarrellii* Yellow-faced siskin U83200 Recife, Brasil
Rhodopechys obsoleta Desert finch AF342889 Kabul, Afghanistan
Loxia curvirostra curvirostra Common crossbill AF342876 Alcala de Henares, Spain
Loxia curvirostra japonica Common crossbill AF342877 Beijing, China
Loxia leucoptera bifasciata Two-barred crossbill AF342878 Siberia, Russia
Fringilla coelebs Chaffinch L76609 Madrid, Spain

Asterisks (*) show species whose MHC class I alleles have been analysed (see Table 2).