Fig. (4) Annotated MRI highlighting the anatomical landmarks analyzed (marked in red): the patient’s native ACL femoral footprint (1) and the proximal (2), distal (3), and posterior (4) edge of the articular cartilage on the lateral wall of the femoral notch. The annotated black arrows with white numbers represent the distances determined for creation of the ACL guide: total guide internal length (proximal to distal femoral cartilage points, distance 1) and the position of the native ACL femoral footprint relative to the three articular cartilage points (distances 2, 3 and 4). Red point 1 (FF): Femoral footprint. Red point 2: Proximal edge of articular cartilage. Red point 3: Distal edge of articular cartilage. Red point 4: Posterior edge of articular cartilage. Distance 1: Proximal – distal. Distance 2: Proximal – femoral footprint. Distance 3: Distal – femoral footprint. Distance 4: Posterior – femoral footprint.