Table 1: Previous reports of differential diagnosis between benign and malignant soft tissue tumors.

Author (Year of publication) Significant parameters useful for discrimination Reference
Giovagnorio F (1999) Increased vascularization [13]
Belli P (2000) Irregular margin, Hypoechoic pattern, Increased vascularization,
Vessel arrangement, Systolic velocities
Bodner G (2002) Vessel arrangement, Vessel structure, Minimum/maximum resistive index [14]
Griffith JF (2004) Vascular organization, End diastolic velocity, Resistive index [16]
Chiou HJ (2009) Infiltrated margins, Scalloped shape, Size, Ill-defined margin, [11]
Chen CY (2009) Morphologic and texture feature diagnosed by computer-aided diagnosis system [22]
Chiou HJ (2010) Vascular index, Flow index, Vascular-flow index [23]
Stramare R (2013) Peak enhancement intensity [24]
Oebisu N (2014) Size, Depth, Heterogeneous texture, Ill-defined margin, Increased vascularization [10]
Nagano S (2015) Size, Hypoechoic pattern, Heterogeneous texture, Increased vascularization, [12]
De Marchi A (2016) Inhomogeneous perfusion, Arterial uptake [25]
Gruber L (2016) Inhomogeneous contrast enhancement [7]
Morii T (2018) Size, Ill-defined margin, Increased vascularization [26]