Table 1: Summary of Currently Available Collagen Biomaterials Including their Application, Animal Source, Tissue Source, Method of Terminal Sterilization, Method of Cross-Linking, Material Name, and Manufacturer

Application Animal Source Tissue Source Terminal Sterilization Cross-linking Material Manufacturer
Tendon Repair Reinforcement Bovine Dermis Low temperature Ethylene Oxide None TissueMend TEI Biosciences
Porcine Dermis E-Beam None Conexa Lifecell
Porcine Small Intestine Submucosa E-Beam None Restore DePuy
Porcine Small Intestine Submucosa Gamma Irradiation Carbodiimide CuffPatch Organogenesis
Rotator Cuff Repair Human Amniotic Membrane Purion Process E-Beam None Rotator Cuff Patch BioArthro
Porcine Dermis Gamma Irradiation HMDI Zimmer Collagen Repair Patch Tissue Science Laboratories
Skin and wound healing Bovine Dermis Low temperature Ethylene Oxide None PriMatrix TEI Biosciences
Porcine Small Intestine Submucosa Ethylene Oxide None Oasis Cook Biotech
Hernia Repair Porcine Dermis Gamma Irradiation HMDI Permacol Tissue Science Laboratories
Porcine Dermis Ethylene Oxide EDC CollaMend Devol
Bovine Dermis Low temperature Ethylene Oxide None SurgiMend TEI Biosciences
Staple-line reinforcement Bovine Pericardium E-Beam None Peri-Strips Synovis
Homologous Use Human Dermis None None GraftJacket Lifecell

Abbreviations for Terminal Sterilization and Cross-linking Techniques: E-beam – Electron Beam; HMDI – Hexamethylene diisocyanate; EDC – 1-ethyl-3-(3- dimethylaminopropyl) carbodiimide.