Table 6: Summary of reservoir properties.

Properties Value
Reservoir area 620 acres
Grid block size 200ft x 200ft x 6ft
Top of Reservoir 9290 ft
Water Oil Contact 9330 ft
Reservoir thickness 40 ft
Average Porosity 0.22
Initial Oil Saturation 0.77
Initial Water Saturation 0.23
Oil Viscosity 2.4 cp
Water Viscosity 0.96 cp
Oil FVF (Bo) 1.175rb/stb
Water FVF (Bw) 1.00325 rb/stb
Oil Density 49.011 lb/cuft
Water Density 62.140 lb/cuft
Water Compressibility 3 x 10-6 psi-1
Rock Compressibility 3 x 10-6 psi-1
Initial Reservoir Pressure 4800 Psi
Bubble Point Pressure 3000 Psi

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