Table 1: Primary input parameters and ranges.

Parameter Range Parameter Range Parameter Range
thickness of coal, m 2-12 burial depth, m 384-1005 well diameter, cm 18-41
natural gamma, API 10.5-47 SP, mv -80-84 acoustic, us/m 240-467
CNL, v/v 22-60 density, g/cm3 1-2.51 LLD, Ώm 150-18343
LLS, Ώm 56-17380 RMSF, Ώm 36-13507 proppant volume, m3 7-51
pad volume, m3 70-500 total volume, m3 207-1003 injection rate, m3/min 4.5-8.5
ITBFP, day 11-431 delivery rate, m/day -6.8-17.2 casing pressure, MPa 0.01-2.7

SP: Spontaneous potential; CNL: compensated neutron logging; LLD: deep lateral resistivity; LLS: shallow lateral resistivity; RMSF: microspheric focused resistivity.