Table 1: Description of variables in the dataset on newborns at Kigali University Teaching Hospital (KUTH) during the period 01-January-2016 to 31-December-2016.

Variable Description Codes/Values/Unit
Age Age of parent 0=under 20, 1=20 years old to 34 years old, 2=35 years old and above
Residence Indicator of the residential area of a parent 0=rural, 1=urban
Antecedents Indicator on whether a new born is the first or not 0=Not the first newborn, 1 = first newborn,
Abortion Indicator on whether a parent aborted previously 0=not aborted, 1=aborted once, 2= aborted more than once
Child birth Type of child birth 0=born using ventouse, 1=born naturally, 2= born after surgery
Gender Gender of a newborn 0=female, 1=male
Number Indicator of the number of births at a time 0=singleton, 1=multiple
APGAR Score of appearance, pulse, grimaces, activity and respiration of a newborn 0= APGAR less than 4/10, 1=APGAR from 4/10 to 6/10, 2=APGAR greater or equal to 7/10
Weight Weight of a newborn 0 = under 2500 g, 1= 2500 g to 4500 g, 2= above 4500 g
Head Head circumference of a newborn 0= below 32 cm, 1=32 cm to 36 cm, 2=above 36 cm
Height Height of a newborn 0=below 46 cm, 1=46 cm to 54 cm, 2=above 54 cm
Time Time from recruitment to study termination Days
Event Indicator describing if death occurred during the study time or not 0=censored, 1=dead
n_events Indicator on the rank of records per subject 1=first record, 2=second record

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