Table 2: Showing list of outcome variables in the studies.

Author Prevalence and Determinants Associated Consequences Attitudes Disclosure/
Health Care Response Women’s Perpetration Economic Burden IPV in Pregnancy or First Post Partum Year
Mental Health Reproduc-
tive Health
Homicide Others
Caman, S (2017) x
Dufort, M (2015) x x
Sundborg, E (2015) x
Zacarias, A (2012) x x x
Okenwa, L (2011) x x x x
Uthman, O (2011) x x
Ali, T (2011) x x x x
John, I (2010) x
Hamzeh, B (2009) x x
Dalal, K (2008) x x
Vung N (2008) x x x
Kaye, D (2006) x x x
Rubertsson, C (2004) x x x x x

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