Fig. (2) Kwando-Linyanti-Chobe River systems showing the areas of herbicidal, physical and biological control applications between 1972 and 1976. The first releases of the weevil, Cyrtobagous salviniae at Sitwa on Kwando River was made in Caprivi-Namibia. The route of C. salviniae from Katima Mulilo→Sitwa on Kwando→Simaa Lagoon on Linyanti→Lake Xini in the Okavango Delta in 1986 is seen by arrow illustration. Kwando-Linyanti-Chobe: SM = Shummamorei (Physical), DT = Dumatau (Physical), PP = Ponpon (Herbicidal), LP = Lupala Island (Physical), SL = Shaile (Herbicidal), QG = Quega (Herbicidal), NG = Ngoma (Biological), NW = Nungwe (Herbicidal), Kazungula = Salvinia molesta first discovery. MGR = Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta: BD = Bodumatau, XX = Xaxanaka.