Table 1: Model statistics for multilevel models examining total physical activity.

- Parameter Estimate Standard Error
Intercept 3.92** 0.65
Time .09 0.15
Within-persons positive social control 3.46** 1.17
Within-persons negative social control .26 1.25
Between-persons positive social control 5.17+ 2.77
Between-persons negative social control -1.97 2.58
Akaike information criterion (AIC) 3423.60
Bayesian information criterion (BIC) 3434.40
Pseudo r2 .14

Note: ** p ≤ .01, +p ≤ .10. Time was rescaled so that 0 was the middle of the 8-day survey period. Within-persons positive and negative social control were measured as daily reports that ranged from 0 to 5. Between-persons positive and negative social control scores were calculated by averaging values across the week for each person to indicate their general levels of positive and negative social control across the week.