Table 1: The sessions of humor training.

Session Aim Content
1 Identify the nature of your
sense of humor.
Culture and sense of humor.
Description of the participants' humor preferences.
2 Become less serious and more playful about life. The adverse effects of seriousness on everyday life. The impact of playfulness on coping with stress.
3 Laughter heartily and recitation jokes. Positive effects of laughter.
4 Improve your ability to tell jokes. Practicing the creation of jokes.
5 Find the funny side of things
happening in everyday life.
Consciously searching for humor in daily situations.
6 Learn to laugh at yourself. How to start laughing at yourself humorous perspective on personal weaknesses.
7 Change of perspective on difficult situations. Effects of humor on stress.
How to practice finding humor in stressful situations.
8 Use steps 1–7 to cope with stress. Use steps 1–7 to cope with stress.