Items of IRS.

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1 I am used to making decisions quickly
2 For me, the important thing is that the work is finished
3 My work is generally not as expected
4 For me, the important decision is immediately taken
5 I prefer something whose benefits can immediately be felt
6 I prefer to use the existing one rather than create a new one
7 I don't like difficult things even though I know it's important
8 From a number of decisions that I made, in the end there were many mistakes
9 I don't like things that require complex calculations
10 If something offends me, I react quickly
11 I usually try hard to find a solution
12 I am used to giving more attention to the quality of work
13 I need to evaluate every incident that befalls me
14 I usually need time to find a solution
15 Although several times failed, I kept trying to find a solution
16 I like challenges even though it's hard to do
17 I try to gather as much information as possible to make decisions
18 In deciding something, I need deep consideration
19 Most of the results of my work are very satisfying
20 Other parties respond positively to something I do