Table 6: Logistic regression that evaluate the association between palmitoleic acid andhsCRP.

Independent hsCRPa
- Model 1: β (95% CI) Model2: β (95% CI)
POA (C16:1n-7) 31.08 [2.41-400.59] 11.42 [1.25-85.64]

Logistic regression (Wald) was used for multivariate analysis, adjustment co-variables are age, gender, BMI, smoking and lipid parameter levels. POA: Palmitoleic Acid, hsCRP: high-sensitivity C-Reactive Protein; ahsCRP was modeled as categorical variable stratifying hsCRP levels into two groups according to the mean value observed (i.e., 2.6); model 1 when variables are expressed as absolute values, p-value= <10-3 ; model 2 when variables are expressed as relative values, p-value= <10-3 ;CI: Confidence Interval