Fig. (2) The levels of apoptosis of human fibroblasts activated by LPS, treated with different doses of simvastatin. A dose dependent apoptosis of FLS can be observed: the level of apoptosis under 1 mcmol/ml is similar to untreated cells while 15 mcrmo/ml of simvastatin induce apoptosis of more than 48 %.Dose-dependent effects of simvastatin on the levels of apoptosis of human fibroblasts-like synoviocytes in the medium of synovial culture activated by LPS (3µg/ml). The proportion of apoptosis of activated human fibroblasts-like synoviocytes was measured after 48 hours incubation with different doses of simvastatin: (A) Simvastatin 1 µmol/ml; (B) Simvastatin 5 µmol/ml; (C) Simvastatin 15 µmol/ml; (D) Simvastatin 50 µmol/ml.