Table 1: Cell Lines Used in this Study and Positive Ratio of CD15/CD19

Cell Line Origin of Cell Lines CD15/CD19
TKS Mononuclear cells from peripheral blood of RA patient were cultured with PMA for4 weeks and then clusters formed +
TKS-1 TKS as described above, subclone. Two limiting dilutions performed +++ (98%)
EBV positive B cell lines obtained by co-cultured RA bone marrow CD34+cells and normal EBV negative peripheral B cells -
+++ (83)
+++ (86)
B95-8 LCL Normal B cell line transformed with B95-8 supernatant. Normal donor is same as RABM/EBV1-3 described above. ±
Akata, BJAB, Raji Burkitt lymphoma cell lines GL-1 and CBL2 are EBV+ LCL -
GL-1 and CBL2, DI-1, DI-5 Established by infecting peripheral B cells from healthy donor with EBV. DI-1 and DI-5 are LCLs spontaneously established from EBV-seropositive donor -