Table 2: Melatonin Levels in Patients with FMF and Healthy Controls

Melatonin Levels (pg/ml)*
in Acute Attack at 03.30 am at 10.00 am
Patients with FMF (n=25) 17.1 (7.7-32.9)a 184.5 (55.9-354.8)b 15.3 (4.5-133.8)c
Healthy Controls (n=16) 68.3 (11.3-192.3)d 6.4 (5.1-9.8)e

The measurements were expressed in median (minimum-maximum). Comparisons between medians were made by Mann-Whitney U test. p<0.001 for a vs b, b vs c, a vs e, d vs e, b vs d, and c vs e; p=0.543 for a vs c.
* Melatonin levels at 03.30 am and 10.00 am in patients with FMF were measured in attack-free phase.