Table 3: Correlation Analyses in Fibromyalgia Patients Between Psychophysical Measures and Clinical Variables

Clinical Variables Psychophysical Measures r p-Value
FIQ total score Thermal pain tolerance (TOL) -0.333 0.018
Thermal pain threshold (TPT) -0.267 0.061
Cold pressor test (CPT) 0.244 0.088
FIQ pain score Tender points (PPT) -0.357 0.011
HAM-D total score Cold pressor test (CPT) 0.277 0.051
HAM-A total score Cold pressor test (CPT) 0.274 0.054

* All correlations with a level of significance of p<0.1 are reported here; FIQ indicates Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire; HAM-D, Hamilton Depression Rating Scale; HAM-A, Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale; PSQI, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index.