Exhibit 1.: Questions on complete blood counts.

1) When if at all, do you undertake a complete blood count (CBC)
Choose the most appropriate answer; when needed (e.g. ad hoc)/routinely/never
2) (If the physician answered that he or she undertook routine blood tests) - please define your answer to the question routinely with one of the following answers.
At least monthly/ every 2 months/ every 3-4 months/ every 5-6 months/ every 6-12 months/ every 1-2 years/ every 2-3 years/ less than every 3 years.
3) (For Physicians answering on an ad hoc/when needed basis) What would trigger you to undertake a complete blood count (CBC) if the answer to question one was - when needed? Select all that apply
Occurrence of GI symptoms/suspected anaemia/weight loss/weakness/fatigue symptoms/blood loss/ nothing - they aren’t appropriate for this patient group/ other (please specify)
4) (For Physicians answering routinely) - For what reasons do you undertake a complete blood count (CBC) routinely?
Select all that apply
a) To assess the absolute haemoglobin (Hb) and/or haematocrit (Hct) levels of the patient on that day
b) To compare and assess changes in haemoglobin (Hb) and/or haematocrit (Hct) levels over time by comparing results to previous results
c) Follow guidelines
d) Personal preference or habit
e) Other.