Table 1.: Clinicobiologic indices in similar autoimmune disorders.

Variable Felty’s Syndrome LGL Syndrome Sjӧgren Syndrome Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Average age 60 60 55 25
F/M ratio 2-3/1 1.5/1 9/1 9/1
HLA DR4 Not known Not known DR2, DR3
CD marker Not known 3,8,57 Not known Not known
Splenomegaly Often Sometimes Rare Not rare
Lymphadenopathy Not rare Sometimes Rare Not rare
Leukopenia Neutropenia (Always) Neutropenia (Often) Rare Lymphopenia (common) Neutropenia (sometimes)
Anemia Present ACD, AIHA Present ACD Present ACD Frequent ACD, AIHA
Autoantibody Almost always Sometimes Almost always Typical/always
Hypocomplementemia Frequent Not known Rare Frequent
Prognosis Poor Variable Good Variable
Secondary malignancies Two folds Not known Increased Increased

Abbreviations: F, female; M, male; CD; Cluster of differentiation; ACD; anemia of chronic disease, AIHA; autoimmune hemolytic anemia, HLA; human leukocyte antigen.