Table 4.: Exemplar perceptions related to Disease impact on physical and mental functions.

“It's just like you're in a shell or something and you can’t get out of it. It's just bad honey. I pray you never get it.”(Still Crying – Black-FM-RA)
“An old woman, in pain… Well I am 46, I will be next month and I feel 106.” (Black FM-RA)
“Emotionally….it was just frustrating that my joints didn’t work as well. Ah it made it difficult for me to exercise… so it’s just been frustrating. I think, I was, when my hands were so swollen…very self-conscious about my left hand. And when, my friends would notice, I would sort of hide it.” (White-RA)
“.. it’s like being an infant in some of the regards of what you’re capable of doing and not doing.” (White-FM)
“I think well… definitely my hands were prettier. My knuckles weren’t so fat and I didn’t have like the bunion type things on my feet and could wear, you know pretty dainty little shoes like sandals, and heels, and things. And I don’t wear those anymore because they’re uncomfortable.” (White RA)
“With RA since it’s in my hands, it’s visible and I don’t like it when I’m in a flare-up and people say, oh my god, look at your hands, you know.. I’m not crippled though to the point like I say, you’ve seen people with their hands in a curling fashion you know.” (White-RA)